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Easily fixing security vulnerabilities in transitive dependencies with Yarn

It's 4:30 on a Friday and GitHub hits you with one of these. How do you make this go away and still get home on time?

Writing Type-safe Defaults with TypeScript's Pick Type

A common pattern I use when writing TypeScript applications is creating default objects and overwriting some or all of those defaults with data provided by the user. But there's a common mistake when implementing this pattern that can be fixed with a little knowledge of TypeScript's built in utilities.

Using Absolute Imports with Jest in Create React App

You've written your createReact-app application using absolute imports resolved from e.g. a folder named src but when you run your tests you get a message like this:

Using Promises with FileReader

Using `await` to handle FileReader's asynchronicity can be a lot simpler than dealing with events.

Time & Space Complexity of Array.sort() in V8

If you've ever looked at the syntax for sorting an array in JavaScript, you may have wondered how it works under the hood.

Greedy Solution to an Array Balancing Problem

A few weeks ago on reddit I read a question that asked for a solution to a fairly simple looking array balancing problem. But it turns out that a satisfactory solution isn't easy to come by.

Never Use Array.from() to Convert Strings to Arrays

Splitting a string into an array is about 70 times faster with 'a string'.split('')

Simulating an Ability in World of Warcraft

After working through Gordon Zhu's fantastic "Practical JavaScript" course, I wanted to make an app to put my newfound knowledge to the test.